People often ask what and how EFP works and sometimes perceptions include - “a therapy for the horses”! Although this is not the case, I firmly believe that horses are the most amazing creatures and in the course of working as therapy partners, I always have the wellbeing of them as well as my clients, in the forefront of my mind.

Working as a LEAP practitioner means I work one to one with you and the horse so ensuring a comfortable and confidential experience between two people. There are a number of differences from talking therapy, the first obviously being the presence of horses, being in a beautiful and peaceful out door environment on the edge of the North Downs and finally an element of fun!

There is no riding involved, all the work is ‘ in hand’ on the ground and no previous knowledge or experience with horses is necessary.


EFP is suitable for people of all ages and I offer sessions from the age of 11 upwards. Along with generalised anxiety and depression, broadly some of the key areas it addresses are:-

Establishing trust, communication skills, managing arousal levels and personal boundaries.

EFP is beneficial for a range of issues including:- Anxiety, depression, anger management, addictions, attachment issues, autism, abuse, behavioural issues, bullying, bereavement, low self confidence, Infertility, self harm and stress.

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Sandy Kempson is a senior LEAP Practitioner.