There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that brief psychodynamic therapy can be helpful for depressed and anxious people. DIT was developed and is being delivered by the NHS in many parts of the UK, under NICE guidelines.

DIT is a relational therapy which is time limited to 16 weekly sessions. The aim is to help you understand the connection between something that feels wrong, to what is happening in your relationships, through identifying a repetitive pattern of relating to people that can be traced as far back as childhood. Once this pattern is identified, it will be used to make sense of difficulties that you are currently experiencing and that are significant contributors to your anxiety and depression.

The work will include encouraging you to reflect on what you think and feel, thereby helping you to understand yourself and others in a way that perhaps previously you had been unaware of. In the course of the work I will help you find more appropriate ways of being and coping with difficulties in your life.

British Psychoanalytic Council

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